Elizabeth Lennox

Forbidden Flames

Forbidden Flames | The Billionaire's Club Series

Release Date: December 25, 2024

Forbidden Flames - Cover

Emily and Hendrix, entangled in years of suppressed desire, conceal a smoldering attraction for fear of disrupting their professional dynamic. The holiday season ignites not only sparks between them but a series of provocative letters targeting Emily. As Hendrix, the club’s security director, plunges into a fervent protective stance, passions simmer beneath the surface.

Will they succumb to the heat of their long-suppressed desires, navigating the maze of forbidden attraction while unraveling the mystery behind the lascivious threats? In a dance of seduction and danger, Emily and Hendrix must confront their yearning, ensuring that pleasure doesn’t succumb to peril.

This novella includes a finale with all of the characters from the previous novels.

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