Elizabeth Lennox

The Sheik’s Jealous Princess

The Sheik’s Jealous Princess | The Samara Royal Family Series

She’d told him that they wouldn’t work! Princess Shantra had explained, in very great detail, to Sheik Laithir del Hassam, Ruler of Piora, that she could never measure up to his first wife’s vivacious and exciting reputation. But did he listen to her? 

No! The man insisted that a match between them would work. Now she was married to Laithir and trying to figure out how to make him love her while living in his fabulous first wife’s shadow after her tragic death.

Sheik Laithir had vowed never to marry again. After his first, secretly disastrous marriage, he never wanted to contemplate putting himself through that, or once again risk the scandal and shame it could bring to the citizens of Piora.

But then Princess Shantra stepped into his world. She was refreshing and honest, kind and creative. And she responded to his slightest touch! The lovely princess didn’t think she could measure up to his first wife? Good! She would be perfect!

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