Elizabeth Lennox

The Italian’s Passionate Return

Damien's Return | The Alfieri Saga

They shared only one night of passion, but the memory of it has stayed with Damien ever since. He searched for her for months, but even with his considerable resources, with only her first name to go on, he’d been unsuccessful. 

Now, six years later, Damien is speechless when he finds Jemma by chance on a farm in the rolling hills of the Virginia countryside. The woman he has sought for so long, and yet she won’t come with him now? 

But Damien won’t give up so easily.

Damien’s appearance after so many years rocks Jemma’s comfortable, if simple existence. He has never left her memory either – how could he with such a visible reminder? 

*Originally published under the title “The Italian’s Passionate Return”

Her son – their son – Dylan is now a precocious five, and the light of her life. Although Damien didn’t recognize him, Jemma feels honor bound to tell him about his son. But how will he react? 

Will he try to take Dylan away? Find out in this adult romance story!

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