Resisting the Sheik’s Commands Excerpt

“You did it!” Ilara announced excitedly to the couple sitting nervously across the desk.  “You really did it!” Ilara watched as the couple’s mouths fell open.  “We…did?”  The couple clasped hands.  “Are you sure?” Ilara understood and her grin widened.  They’d come a long way in order to reach this point, overcoming several setbacks along …

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Resisting the Sheik’s Commands FREE Introduction

Jabril’s story… “Do you see it?” Jabril’s father asked. Five year old Jabril glanced up at his father, then in the same direction in which his father was looking. All he saw were mountains and…well, just mountains. Not wanting to disappoint his father, Jabril nodded sagely. “Yes father.” Sheik Halar al Mustar looked at his …

Resisting the Sheik’s Commands FREE IntroductionRead More »

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