Elizabeth Lennox

The Sisterhood Trilogy

The Sisterhood Trilogy

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The Sheiks Virgin Lover by Elizabeth Lennox


When writing The Sisterhood Trilogy, I knew that I wanted to create an impulsive, blond bombshell. The other characters hadn’t fleshed out yet in my mind. As I started writing about Claire, the other two ladies slowly came to life in my mind. Usually, coming up with the names for my characters is pretty difficult. But with The Billionaire’s Impulsive Lover, I knew that Claire’s name had to be the opposite of her personality. She’s a computer hacker and loves breaking into Mitch’s home. She is very secretive and loves the espionage side of Mitch’s work.

I started The Sheik’s Virgin Lover on a sweltering hot day. The only thing that could make the day hotter was to do some sort of sports activity. My son was (is) really into basketball at the time so my thinking was to make the opening scene hot and sweaty. That – and the fact that I absolutely love writing sheik stories!

The Russian’s Tender Lover is another one of those stories that I started many years ago, wrote probably eight or ten thousand words on the idea and then couldn’t make it work. I knew I wanted a story about a woman that the world didn’t understand – sort of a Paris Hilton type of figure – but one with a personality that was the complete opposite of that perception.

One of the things I love about writing is that I wrap myself up in the world I’m creating. So I can become anyone for a few hours at a time. The double life is a recurring theme in many of my stories. It probably stems from the fact that I was a number cruncher (and manager of number crunchers) for a Government consulting companies for years, presenting and analyzing numbers, profit margins, gross contribution and variances. But at night, I changed out of that role into my “secret identity” of romance writer. It was a heady change!

I started out intending to write just a trilogy, but when I completed The Russian’s Tender Lover, I knew that I wasn’t finished. Darcy’s brother simply had to become part of the series. He’d lost his sister because of his father’s criminal activities but he fought to find her once again. So, I knew that I had to write Marco’s story – The Billionaire’s Gentle Rescue – as well. That’s the reason that this “trilogy” actually has four stories instead of the normal three.

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