Elizabeth Lennox

The Spanish Tycoon’s Temptress

The Spanish Tycoon's Temptress

The Spanish Tycoons Temptress by Elizabeth Lennox

Seven years ago, Elana Catelano fell hard for Gaston Montebello – a tall, handsome, merciless Spanish businessman who swept her off her feet. They had dreams, a future and everything seemed rosy. But one day, he disappeared from her life. 

She found out that they were finished when she saw pictures of him on the internet with other women. Her heart ached for the love she’d thought they’d shared and her mind focused on moving ahead, getting on with her life.

All of a sudden, Gaston is back! 

He was in her apartment and looking even more alluring than before! What does he want? 

Why is he here? 

Nothing makes sense anymore. She just knew that she couldn’t trust him with her heart again. It had been too painful the last time, she wouldn’t put herself through that again.

Gaston was stuck. His father was dying and his last request was to see this one book again. Unfortunately, the book was being held hostage by a man Gaston hated. The terms of its surrender? 

Marriage to Elana Catelano – the woman who had cheated on him seven years ago and ripped his heart out. Somehow, he had to get the book back but he would be merciless in his pursuit, refusing to trust the woman who had callously thrown away something precious.

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