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The Samara Royal Family Series

The Samara Royal Family Series



It all started so innocently. A glance. A shock. Longing looks. Sheik Ramzi del Abbas of Samara is stunned by the woman staring back at him. And the need to make her his own. After a whirlwind romance, he marries Mia and brings her back to his country. But when he finds her in the arms of another man, he’s livid! Mia is shocked that Ramzi could think that she would ever cheat on him. The betrayal of everything they had together was too much. He didn’t kick her out of his life, but he rejected her in his bed and in his heart. There was nothing else she could do but leave.

As soon as the pain of Ramzi’s betrayal starts to ease, Mia discovers that she is pregnant. Despite trying to reach Ramzi and tell him the news, her calls are ignored. She goes back to work, accepting that she will have to raise their child on her own. She’s just getting her life back together when Ramzi shows up again – with divorce papers. It just so happens, that was also the day that her son decides to be born!

With their son, a dynasty is born as well. The Samaran Royal Family series takes readers through the legacy of Sheik Ramzi del Abbas. In “The Prince’s Intimate Abduction” from The Samara Royal Family series, you will meet Prince Turken del Abbas who is captured by his enemies but brought to the lovely Doctor Raven who patches him up…then helps him escape from his enemies.

The second son, Prince Rais, meets the lovely Joline – best friend and secretly a business partner to his sister. Their raw and powerful desires morph into steamy nights in the royal romance book “The Princes’ Forbidden Lover”.

In “The Sheik’s Captured Princess”, readers discover Princess Ciala. She looks soft and sweet, but underneath her beauty is a woman who can break out of jail! Don’t mess with Princess Ciala! But Sheik Jurar, her family’s enemy, isn’t a man to be deterred. He wins the lovely princess’ hand in marriage in the most devious of ways.

The youngest of the Samara Royal Family, Princess Shantra, has secrets! Lots of secrets! When she meets Sheik Laithar, will those secrets be revealed? Will they destroy whatever chances at happiness they might have? Read “The Sheik’s Jealous Princess” and find out!

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