Elizabeth Lennox

Her Secret Sheik | The Book Club Series

Release Date: March 11, 2022

Her Secret Sheik - Cover

She couldn’t go back to her old life!

Amilee Lahgami couldn’t go back! She simply couldn’t face Sheik Tahir el Savar Izziri, the man she’d been betrothed to for the past twenty-odd years! He didn’t love her and she couldn’t face a lifetime watching Tahir as he flitted from one woman to another. Years ago, her tender feelings for the man had been crushed under his brutal disregard.

She’d made a life for herself. Different country, different world. And this world “fit” her perfectly! No, she wouldn’t go back! And he couldn’t make her!

Over the years, Tahir el Savar Izziri, Sheik of Benai, had struggled to keep his lust for the stunning Amilee under control. Every year since their betrothal, Amilee had become even more lovely and interesting. He knew that she felt the same way towards him, so why did she refuse to set a wedding date?

It was time to retrieve his lovely soon-to-be bride and discover why she’d stayed away for so long.

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