Elizabeth Lennox

Gift Picks


You know how much I hate wrapping gifts! So I mentioned that I was going to hit the dollar store and pick up several of their one dollar gift bags because it is so easy to simply wrap the present in tissue paper and dump it into the bag versus all of the cutting, folding and taping with traditional gift wrap.

My son”s girlfriend nodded and said, “And they are reuseable, so that’s better for the environment!” Shazaam! I hadn’t even gone down that road, but she’s right! All of the gift wrap that we use each year is a one time use thing. Whereas the gift bags can be used over and over again. My sister-in-law and I had a gift bag that we jokingly used about six different times.

So using gift bags is faster, easier, cheaper and good for the environment. Just pack those babies away and use them over and over again. Less waste!

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