Elizabeth Lennox

Love’s Not Terrifying

Love’s Not Terrifying | The Attracelli Family Series

Gus Attracelli’s extravagance and dominant presence overwhelm Alana’s senses. Unfortunately, Gus isn’t one to take no for an answer. 

Several brief views, near misses and alluring side stepping cause Gus to think he’s losing his mind over an elusive woman that can’t possibly measure up to his expectations. 

But her perfume haunts him, a glimpse of her hair intrigues him and a view of just her legs and derriere taunt him until he’s obsessed with finding out who this mysterious woman is.

With her past history, Alana can’t imagine why any man would come near her, much less pursue her with such blinding ferocity as Gus does. 

She’s terrified of the things he can make her feel and runs away from him whenever he comes too close. But Gus never gives up. 

Can Alana take another chance on love? Can she trust her heart and her future to Gus? 

Or should she just hide away from him, protecting herself from the crushing pain of heartache if it doesn’t work out?

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