Elizabeth Lennox

The Sheik’s Angry Bride

The Sheik’s Angry Bride | The War, Love and Harmony Series

Duty. Responsibility. Those were the priorities of Layla’s upbringing. So when her father announced that she is to marry the Sheik of Lurasa, she accepted her duty and steeled her heart to a loveless life of obligation.

What she refused to accept was Garon’s intense effect on her. The man wasn’t what she anticipated! And he wouldn’t conform to her plans or expectations. This was an arranged marriage! 

They had appearances to maintain, duties to adhere to. Why were these crazy feelings flying between them every time he touched her?

Garon entered into the marriage expecting only to be faithful to his wife and to the agreement he had made with the other sheiks. 

What he wasn’t expecting was a fiery beauty that set his senses on fire or the intense need to have her. Responsibility be damned, this woman was his! And he was going to teach her about living and loving.

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