Elizabeth Lennox

The Russian’s Runaway Bride

The Russian’s Runaway Bride | The Boarding School Series

She’d left him! And on their wedding day, no less! Stefan Kozlov couldn’t believe that the woman he’d married had disappeared only hours after exchanging their vows! 

After months of happy courting, interspersed with cold showers as he forced them to wait for their wedding night, Livia had left without explanation. Stefan was angry and confused, but still determined to reunite and consummate their relationship. 

Even if Livia wouldn’t have him, her mother’s medical emergency still made it critical that he find her!

Livia had thought everything was perfect! The perfect man and the perfect life! So what had gone wrong? 

Why hadn’t she seen the clues? 

Surely there had been something that could have warned her of Stefan’s deep dark secret. Unfortunately, even her knowledge of his true nature couldn’t stop her from falling under his spell. 

There had always been a powerful chemistry between the two of them. Now she was truly in a bind: caught between trying to help and protect her injured mother while living with a husband she now felt she barely knew!

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