Elizabeth Lennox

The Sheik’s Secret Bride

The Sheik’s Secret Bride | The War, Love and Harmony Series

Their story began five years ago. Callie fell madly, crazily in love with Zahir. But the war in his country was raging and nurturing their relationship was tenuous at best. When Callie was captured, the experience was terrifying. 

Zahir found and rescued her, but he knew it would be impossible to insulate her from danger in his country. Despite his wishes to be together, he knew that to keep her safe he must send her away. 

However, he wouldn’t let her go until she was his bride. In a secret wedding, he married her, and then spirited her to safety.

She arrived in her haven traumatized, fearful, homeless…and pregnant. Slowly, she rebuilt her life, gave birth to her son and somehow learned to get on with living without Zahir. For five long years, Callie recovered from the nightmare of her captivity. And she raises her son.

When Zahir enters her life once more, she can’t believe that the fire between them is hotter than before. But she refuses to give in, despite its intensity. She’s too afraid that the peace between the previously warring countries will end and that she or her son could be in peril again. She yearns to feel safe, but can she defy her heart or deny her son his father?

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