Elizabeth Lennox

Second Chance Temptation

Second Chance Temptation | The Sinful Night Series Book 4

He was back…and more handsome than she’d ever thought possible!

Years ago, Cynthia had been madly in love with the devastatingly handsome Ryan Dalton. But life and circumstances pulled them apart. 

Cynthia has trust issues – but just a casual touch from Ryan could ignite a fire inside of her.

Unconsciously, Ryan had waited for Cynthia over the years. Seeing her now, he knew that she was the one. How could he convince her to leave her past behind them and make a new future with him? 

And then a baby comes into the picture?

Second Chance Temptation by Elizabeth Lennox is a pregnancy love story that proves true love never dies…it just simmers until the flames can be reignited.

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