Elizabeth Lennox

Over Heated (On the Wild Side Book 3)

Over Heated - Cover Image

On the worst day of her life, it was her nemesis who saved her.

Roxanne couldn’t believe that Doctor Abe McCollough was standing in front of her. If the August heat and black wool suit wasn’t annoying enough, this man had to find her? Adding to her misery, Roxanne had just discovered that her mother’s evil cat had inherited a half million dollars. A cat! Now she had to deal with Doctor McCollough?

From the first moment he’d seen the lovely Roxanne, Abe had loved to torment her, tease her…and loved watching her eyes fire with fury. But this…this was different. Roxanne was struggling to keep it together and it caused all of his protective instincts to push into overdrive. And the more he got to know her, the more he knew that his instincts were correct. Roxanne was a beautiful person, inside and out. And he was going to figure out how to break through all of those protective layers and show her how to enjoy life once again.

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