Dangerous Secrets


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Mike knew things. Halley had no idea how, but as sheriff, he just seemed to know everything! So keeping him at a distance was her only solution. If he ever found out about her secret…well, that just couldn’t happen. It was her dream and she wasn’t going to let him make fun of her dream.

But..oh my, when he touched her…or kissed her! Then again, it was hard to keep the man at a distance when someone was breaking into her house…to clean? That just didn’t make sense!

Mike was furious! Halley kept disappearing for hours at a time. He knew she was hiding something, but he couldn’t figure it out. He loved solving mysteries, but not when it came to his woman. And yes, Halley was his woman even if she hadn’t accepted that reality in his mind.

Getting her to accept that truth, and finding out what she was hiding, was his biggest challenge.

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