Inconveniently Tempted- Introduction


Inconveniently Tempted - Cover

Jake’s Story…


“What do you think about an online scavenger hunt?” Jake commented to his brother, sitting back in the leather chair of the coffee shop.

Jackson, Jake’s twin brother, turned his head slightly to stare at Jake.  “Why would we do…?” He stopped, his eyes lighting up as his mind caught up with Jake’s idea.  “Can you really build something like that?”

Jake’s contemplative expression turned incredulous as he looked at Jackson.  The “Are you serious?” question didn’t need to be spoken since they could sometimes read each others’ minds.

Jackson laughed and leaned forward, pushing his chemistry books off of his lap as he started to think about what would be required from his end.  “Okay, so you build a scavenger hunt online and I market the hunt online and across the school.”  He laughed, shaking his head.  “You really are an evil genius.”

Jake snorted.  “Right. I only come up with the idea.  You’re the one that implements all of our plans.”

Jackson shrugged.  “I’m the evil minion, then.  You’re still the genius behind everything we do.”

“You’re just trying to ignore the momentum you create which sometimes gets us into trouble,” Jake said, but instead of arguing further, he pulled his notebook closer and started sketching, working out his idea.  At some point, another cup of coffee arrived by his elbow, but Jake was already too intent on his computer, his fingers flying over the keyboard as he created the website.  He could send people to different fast food chains to get…he wasn’t sure about what they would get.  Jake didn’t want people to have to spend money on anything while doing the hunt.  He just wanted them to have fun.  Jackson would work the business angle.

Several hours later, Jackson punched his arm.  “What?” he snapped, looking up at his brother.

“We’re going to be late for dinner.”

Jake looked at his watch and sighed.  “Right.”  Gathering up his books, he noticed that his physics homework still wasn’t done.  It wasn’t as if he really needed to do it, other than to get the grade.  He’d already read through the entire book.  In fact, he and Jackson had done most of the experiments, even going a bit further than the book to test out some of their more…diabolical…pranks on their sister.  Yes, physics – well, gravity – was a wonderful thing.

As they walked out of the coffee shop, heading home for dinner, Jake wondered why schools taught things that allowed people like him and his brother to torture their sister.  “Hey, should we lay off of our plans for Chloe’s visit home from college next week?”

Jackson looked at Jake.  “Lay off?  Why would we do that?”

“Did you see the way she came through the door the last time she came home?”

Jackson laughed, nodding.  “Yeah, that was awesome. She refused to step through the front door until we’d told her what we’d done.”

Jake grinned, unaware of the two females passing by that did a double take, startled by the tall, handsome teenage boys.  “We’ve trained her well.”

Jackson grunted.  “Too well.  She gets back at us too often.  I think we should up our game.”


Megan’s story…


“Hey mom, can we drive to Kentucky?” Megan asked her mother.

Amy Charmichael turned to look at her daughter.  “Kentucky?  Honey, we live in Pennsylvania.  Why would we drive to Kentucky?” she asked, but Megan was already deeply engrossed with something on her computer.  “Honey, look up!” Amy called.  It took a moment to divert Megan’s attention from the computer, but eventually, her eyes peered up over the laptop’s monitor.  “Kentucky?  What’s in Kentucky?”

Megan straightened her shoulders and sat up straighter with an intense curiosity in her eyes.  “Someone has developed this awesome scavenger hunt,” she explained to her mom.

“A scavenger hunt doesn’t sound all that extraordinary.”

Megan snorted.  “You haven’t seen this one!  I mean, the graphics alone on this are good.”  She tilted her head slightly.  “I could do better though.”

Amy laughed.  “Why don’t you try?”

Megan bit her lower lip, glancing at the homework beside her.  “I will, but I need to finish my homework.”  Then she thought about it for a moment.  “No, I’m not going to do something someone else has done.”  She shifted in her chair.  “I’m going to be original.”

Amy finished peeling the carrot and started chopping it up for dinner.  “Any ideas, dear?” she asked, dumping the carrot slices into the stew.

Megan mind went into overdrive, her eyes became unfocused as she contemplated all of the various ideas running through her head.  “I don’t know yet.  But it’s going to be amazing, Mom.”

She pulled her calculus homework closer, thinking about various ideas while she calculated curves.  When she finished that assignment, she groaned.  “I hate English,” Megan muttered.

“I know, dear.  But everyone needs to communicate properly.”

Megan didn’t agree, but she pulled the book forward.  “I have to write about this book and it’s really annoying.”

“What is the book about, love?” Amy asked, dumping chunks of onion into the pot now.

Megan shook her head in frustration.  “It’s a book about people who aren’t allowed to read books.  If someone is caught with a book, the fire department comes and slashes open the fireproofing on their house walls and lights their house on fire.  And yet, there’s a fire lighter – or whatever – who steals books and hides them away in his attic!”  She snorts with disgust.  “I mean, that just isn’t logical, right?  I know that, in the book, the government controls people’s minds by not allowing them to read, but seriously, there are too many flaws in this book!”

Megan waited for her mother to respond, thinking that her mother would agree.  But instead, Megan received a look.  And then the irony of her complaint hit her.  “Right,” she groaned and pulled her computer forward to start her essay.  “I’m doing it!”

Hours later, Megan stared up at the ceiling, wondering how long it would take to travel to Kentucky.  Surely not that long.  The scavenger hunt was seriously good and she was furious with herself for not thinking of it herself.  So many of the others in her school made fun of her and the other girls in her computer club, saying they were geeks.  And yeah, Megan supposed that they were.  All of them, the boys included.  But she also knew that somehow, some way, she was going to change the world.  She just knew it!

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