“What can I get you guys?” Lexie asked, smothering another yawn.  It was only about eight o’clock and she had at least another century to go before the bar closed for the night. 

“Just a pitcher of beer,” one of the men replied.

The deep, sexy voice startled Lexie.  She looked up from her notepad and looked into the darkest, most amazing eyes she’d ever seen.  Dark, sexy eyes that perfectly matched the man’s low, husky voice!

“And four glasses.”

Oh, if she could bottle that voice, she thought.  She could…a dark eyebrow went up and Lexie suddenly realized that she was staring. 

“Right!” she gasped, jerking her eyes away from Mr. Sexy Eyes.  Lexie shook herself, and smiled.  “Pitcher of beer and four glasses.  Do you want Miller, Coors or…?”

“You have Blue Moon on draft, right?”

She had to smother a sigh as his wonderful voice sent additional shivers of happiness down her spine.

She nodded, feeling weird for her fan-girl staring-blip, and stepped back from the table.  “Yep.  A pitcher of Blue Moon and four glasses coming up.”  Turning on her heel, she wove her way through the bar.  It was eight o’clock on a Friday night.  Living near a military base was a bit different than living in other cities.  It was a bit dirtier.  A lot louder.  And significantly more male.  This was one of the nicer bars in the small town situated just outside of the base, but no one would mistake it for The Ritz. 

Lexie realized that she had no idea what Mr. Sexy Eyes looked like beyond his eyes.  Thinking to rectify that, she slipped behind the bar so she could spy surreptitiously on the table. 

“Hey, Tim.  I’ll get this order,” she said to her manager who was hustling behind the bar, filling drink orders. 

Tim grabbed several more glasses, looking more than slightly frazzled. “It’s a bit crazy tonight,” he grumbled. 

As she positioned the plastic pitcher underneath the Blue Moon draft nozzle, Lexie scanned the crowd, pretending to be casual, but her main goal was to find the guy at the corner table and see what he looked like.  One table at a time, she let her eyes move past until…!

“Wow!” she whispered.

Instantly alert, Tim looked up and followed her gaze. “What?  Is there a problem?”

Georgia, one of the other waitresses, stepped behind the bar to collect her order.  “Who are the hot guys over at the corner table?” she demanded breathlessly. 

Georgia and Lexie were friends, but for a moment, Lexie could have scratched the woman’s eyes out!  She wanted to tell her to stop looking at her man but…but she couldn’t pull her gaze away from the big guy sitting in the corner, his chair tilted back on the back two legs and…and he stared back at her.  Stared at her as if he knew exactly how she was mentally undressing him!  Wow!

“Watch it!” Tim snapped at Lexie. 

The liquid pouring over her hands was the second clue that Lexie wasn’t paying attention.  Jerking back to the present, she looked down to realize that the pitcher had filled up and was now spilling over. 

“Oh!” and she turned off the tap, hastily grabbing a bar towel to clean up her mess.  “Darn it!” she muttered.  “Sorry Tim.”

“Don’t worry about it,” he said, and reached over to pour two more beers while she wiped up the spilled beer.

Lexie tossed the wet towel into the laundry bin, grabbed four chilled beer mugs and hefted the pitcher with her other hand.  Taking a deep breath, she headed towards the table again, bracing herself and hoping she didn’t feel so…wowed…this time.

“Here you go, gentlemen,” she announced, pasting on a smile as she set the pitcher of beer down in the middle of the table.  She’d moved to the opposite side from the big guy with the dark eyes and deep voice, needing the space.  But as she stepped back, she glanced up at him and…sure enough, he was staring at her, a knowing look in those incredible eyes. 

One of the other three men said something, but Lexie didn’t hear their comments.  Wiping her hands on her apron, she muttered something that she prayed was intelligible, then backed away, almost tripping over a chair behind her.  Righting herself, she glanced over her shoulder and…darn it, he was still watching her!

Thankfully, there wasn’t amusement in his eyes.  Curiosity, yes.  Interest?  Well, Lexie couldn’t really say because she wouldn’t look back at him.


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