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An Unexpected Affair - Evie - Small

Brock’s Story…

“This is your place?” Brock’s manager demanded as soon as he stepped into the small, non-descript apartment. 

Brock walked over to the fridge and pulled out two beers.  “Yeah, what’s the problem?” he asked.

The manager laughed, shaking his head.  “Kid, I know you’re only eighteen and, well, I respect the fact that you’re not spending your money on a big, fancy house with an elaborate pool surrounded by beach bunnies,” he chuckled as if he’d said something amusing, then looked around at the apartment again.  “But seriously!  You scored a ten million dollar contract on your last film and the one coming up is paying you twice that amount, plus royalties!  You can live better than this!”

Brock walked over to the sofa that he’d bought at a second hand shop.  “I don’t need more than this.  I’m rarely here, so what’s the point in having something bigger?”

His manager tilted his head to the side, silently acknowledging the man’s point.  He took the beer and sat down in the wooden chair opposite the sofa.  It was hard and just as uncomfortable as it looked.  “Don’t you want just a few luxuries?  I mean, where do you put all of your clothes?” he asked, peering down the short hallway. 

“I don’t have a lot of clothes,” Brock explained.  “I have a tuxedo, but other than that, I have jeans and tee-shirts.  A few pairs of nice slacks and dress shirts, but each movie’s wardrobe personnel furnish all of the clothes I need for the films.”  He took a long draw from his beer and set it down on the metal table beside him.  “Female actors need a larger wardrobe than men.  They can’t really be seen in the same dress.  Personally, I don’t know why the female actresses don’t just rent their clothes for the big events.  It would make more financial sense, but that’s just my opinion.”

Mike leaned back in the chair, watching his biggest client carefully.  “You’re not going to be an actor for long, are you?”

Brock shrugged. “I’m doing it for now.”

Mike chuckled.  “You have bigger plans, don’t you?  You’re in this for the long term.”  The guy smiled.  “I’m impressed.  Not many men get to this town and make such a success like you.  But the ones that do are normally drunk on their power and wealth.  You’re a bit smarter than those idiots.”  He took a sip of his beer and nodded.  “Impressive, Brock.”   Then he shook his head. “But right now, we need to go over the contract for your next film.  I’m not sure you’re going to like some of the terms they are offering.”

Evie’s story….

“Tilt your head to the right a bit more, Evie,” the photographer called out. 

Evie tilted her head. 

“Perfect!” the guy yelled, snapping more pictures.  “Okay, adjust the bunny ears, darling,” he instructed.  “They tilted slightly.” 

Evie fixed the ridiculous bunny ears, then smiled again, following the photographer’s instructions, moving the way he requested and resenting every moment of it.  Oh, what she wouldn’t do to have a real part in a real film!  These vampire bunny movies were silly and funny, and they were making her a lot of money, but she was better than this!  She could do so much more! 

Unfortunately, directors took one look at her name and laughed whenever Jerry, her manager, tried to get her a better part.  “Isn’t she the vampire bunny?” they all said, mostly with a chuckle and a lewd expression to their eyes.  “Yeah, I’d love to meet her.  But she’s not really who we’re looking for right now.”

How many times had she heard that phrase?  How many parts had she begged Jerry to work to get her? Only to have him come back with another stupid script about bunnies or some other sort of sexy, vapid character with no brains who stumbled her way through life!  

“Okay, I think we’ve got enough,” the photographer said and looked down at his camera.  He made some adjustments, then looked over at Evie as she took the stupid bunny ears off of her head and walked carefully across the set on heels that were painfully high and pinching her toes.

“Hey, Evie, want to get a drink once you’ve changed?” the photographer asked.  “I know a great place about three blocks from here that serve the best martinis.”

Evie’s smile was tight as she looked back at the man.  “Thanks, but I’m only eighteen.  I can’t drink alcohol yet.”  She didn’t mention that she hated the stuff.  Being underage was a good excuse for many things.  Until now, she’d used her age to keep the filthy hands of most directors and actors away.  But now that she was eighteen, they weren’t as nervous about statutory rape charges. 

It was time, she thought.  Time for something new.  She’d been playing stupid, pointless roles for thirteen years and nothing was changing.  She’d been typecast even before she’d come of age! 

“Not today, Mark,” Jerry called out, stepping onto the set that did publicity shots for the movie studio.  “Evie has a meeting tonight.  She won’t have time.”

Mark looked towards Evie who didn’t bother to confirm or deny her manager’s statement.  She simply pulled a big shirt on over the bunny costume.  She wasn’t even going into the dressing room to change.  No way!  Not in this guy’s dressing room!  Rumor has it the guy had the whole place fixed with hidden cameras.  Mark would take candid shots of the actors and actresses changing from the costumes to their street clothes, then post them online to the black market sites.  Ick! 

He was a brilliant photographer though, so the movie executives turned a blind eye to the man’s perversions.  Probably because they didn’t want their own kinks to be revealed. 

Jerry put a hand to Evie’s arm and steered her out of the studio, walking her to her car.  “Hey, are you sure about this?” he asked, lifting a script in the air.  “You don’t have to leave the industry.  I have plenty of really good scripts that are perfect for you.”

Evie shook her head.  “I don’t want another bimbo script,” she told him, taking the pins out of her hair, sighing with relief as each removal eased a bit of the tension in her scalp.  “Besides, I told you that I’ve been accepted to UCLA.  I’m going to school, Jerry.  I’m going to get my degree.”

“In what?” he grumbled.  “You’re already worth more than what most people earn in their entire lifetime!  What do you need a college degree for?”

She laughed, shaking her head at his inability to understand that money wasn’t everything.  “I want more, Jerry.  And right now, the studios aren’t willing to take me seriously.  I’m going to get my degree and see what happens afterwards.”

He shifted on his feet, looking off into the distance.  “Fine, but what if I get a really good part?  What if it’s exactly what you are looking for?  Will you at least consider it?”

Evie thought about that for a moment.  A good part?  Yeah, she might.  “I don’t know, Jerry.  Let’s just say if there’s even one vacuous glance or pointless comment in the part, I’m not interested.  But if you can get me a part with a character that is complex and emotionally driven, a character that I’d really have to challenge myself to play, then yes. I’d consider doing it.”  Before Jerry could open his mouth and speak, she held up her finger.  “But, filming would have to be during my summer breaks.  I’m getting a degree in psychology, Jerry.” 

Evie realized that she’d only been playing around with that idea of psychology in her mind.  But saying it to Jerry made it real.  And with that, she walked out of the studio, feeling proud of herself.  It had been a long time since she’d felt that sensation!  Boy, did it feel good!

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