Craving The Night


Coming February 2019

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He  knew she’d be trouble!

When Eve strolled into town with her cute smile and cursty, Mack instantly knew that he was in trouble.  With her bizzarely named appetizers and specialty drinks, Mack suspected that the whole town was in trouble!  They just didn’t know it yet.

She led with her heart and not her head.  She was too soft and too nice.    And damn it if she didn’t wiggle herself into his dreams!

Fresh off of a cheating ex-fiancee, Eve definitely wasn’t in the market for another relationship.  It didn’t matter how sexy the big bad sheriff was, or how adorably grumpy.  She still wasn’t interested.

At least, that’s what she kept trying to tell herself.

Unfortunately, her determination was weak and Mack was hot.  Between a mountain lion stoned off of cocaine and mind-boggling kisses, Eve had no way to resist Mack Jones.